Sunday, March 02, 2008

Notes for my SD-West talk tomorrow on Interviewing in Silicon Valley

I'm giving a half-day tutorial tomorrow at SD-West 2008 in Santa Clara on How to Pass a Silicon Valley Software Engineering Interview.

Its the first of 3 talks I'm giving this week (subsequent notes to come subsequently).

You can download the slides Here.

If you're not attending the talk, please note that as with all slide decks, they are in a sense only half the story - as I'll be filling in many pieces during the lecture itself.

This is the third year I've given this talk and I'm amused to mention that I got a thank you a few weeks back from a veteran SD speaker that attended last year's class and now is just starting his new job at Google. He said the class was very helpful (he also offered to buy me dinner, but given that dinner at Google is free, I countered and offered to buy him dinner instead :)


Anonymous said...

Can you post your NIO talk as well? Btw, your generics talk is no longer available. :)

Seshagiri said...

could you please upload a video of the talk if possible - for people outside the US.

Joyesh Mishra said...

An awesome compilation.

Yes, I was about to say the same. I stay out here in FL and would love to watch the talk in case it can be recorded/uploaded similar to Google Tech Talks.

Paul Tyma said...

Sorry, the talk wasn't filmed (I dont think any at the SD West conference are).

Other talks (including NIO) coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Page 38 - java inner classes CAN access some local variables -- those marked as final.

jonathan said...

So what's the answer to page 35:

public void finalize() {
a.b = this;
How would YOU solve this problem?

Because finalize() will only be called once, and is not guaranteed, then do you have to remove the 'a' reference to b? Then the second time it will disappear?